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Quality Policy

Many quality procedures are too rigid to address the diversity of architectural practice and sometimes consist mainly of a paper exercise, providing few discernible benefits to clients. Gardiner Architects as a result is developing and implementing a system appropriate to its particular situation. Our procedures consist of three main components:

Project Quality Plan
A project quality plan is developed for each individual project. The plan acts both as a checklist and record for the wide range of actions required for construction procurement and professional design services. The plan runs from initial client contact and briefing through the various stages of the RIAI Scope of Services Agreement, through to post completion feedback. The plan is monitored at monthly partners meeting.

Office Manual
The office manual contains standard references and templates for all of our work procedures. This ensures a consistency of approach to each project, as well as maintenance of industry 'best practice' standards. The practice has also developed a series of standard detail sheets, which are updated on an ongoing basis. Other areas, which are being developed, relate to internal staff organisation.

Quality Auditing
Our quality system is monitored monthly within the office. Gardiner Architects proposes to appoint an external auditor who will audit the quality system on a twice yearly basis.